The Stories

<a id='heather'></a>Heather Alimossy

Heather Alimossy Medford, OR

Heather Alimossy is a 19 year-old young woman who has tested positive for the Huntington’s Disease genetic mutation. She does not show any signs of symptoms, but she is currently watching her mother and brother deteriorate from its effects. We follow Heather as she takes advantage of every minute she has to live her life before the disease takes over.
<a id='katy'></a>Katy Bradley

Katy Bradley Olympia, WA

Katy Bradley is a mom, loving wife, daughter, sister and friend. She is also the caregiver to her husband Scott and their son Matthew, who was in the advanced stages of Juvenile Huntington’s Disease during this shoot. In ALIVE & WELL we spend one-week in the life of the Bradley’s.
<a id='trey'></a>Trey Gray

Trey Gray Woodside, CA

Trey Gray is the drummer of famed country band Brooks and Dunn. Showing early signs of Huntington’s Disease, he continues to tour and play music, hoping to stay positive and use his connections to raise awareness of HD. This film joins Trey and the band on their farewell tour.
<a id='charles'></a>Charles Sabine

Charles Sabine London, UK

Charles Sabine is a former NBC news war correspondent. After surviving life-threatening warfare in Baghdad, he returned home to discover that he had inherited the HD gene mutation from his father. At the age of 42, he left his TV career to exhaustively work on spreading worldwide awareness of Huntington's Disease.

<a id='michael'></a>Dr. Michael Hayden

Dr. Michael Hayden Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Michael Hayden is a Killam professor of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia (UBC), best known for his research in Huntington’s Disease. As the director of the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics at UBC, he oversaw the first lab to cure HD in a mouse. Dr. Hayden was recently appointed as the President of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries in Petah Tikva, Israel. We follow him as he relentlessly searches for a cure.
<a id='courtney'></a>Courtney Riffkin

Courtney Riffkin Kilimanjaro, Kenya

Courtney Riffkin shares the story of her family’s battle with Huntington’s Disease as she leads the Klimb for a Kure, an expedition up Mt. Kilimanjaro, to raise money and awareness for HD research. Through this journey, Courtney is joined by a team of twelve others, many of whom are also affected by the disease that claimed her father’s life.
<a id='mandy'></a>Mandy Kipfer

Mandy Kipfer Lacey, WA

Mandy Kipfer is a young wife who is ready to start a family. Before becoming pregnant, Mandy decided it was time to take the genetic test that would determine whether she had inherited the HD gene mutation from her father. We follow Mandy through the testing process and join her when she receives her results.